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At BetterWealth, we believe that success is not just about financial wealth, but also about living a purposeful and fulfilling life. Our mission is to help successful entrepreneurs like you take control of your finances, protect your cash flow, and experience the BetterWealth way. With our wealth efficiency strategies, we empower you to make the most of your time, talents, relationships, and resources, enabling you to live intentionally and achieve your goals.

Meet Our Team

The experts behind BetterWealth

Caleb Guilliams

Dom Rufran

Mariah Wood
Head of Operations

Demetrius Walker
Head of Sales

Alden Armstrong
Head of Product and Case Design

Trevor Wood
Client Services and Underwriting

Alex Landsverk

Joel Robertson
Content Manager

Josh Gantz
Digital Marketing

Garrett Richetto
Head of Dariba (Tax)

Caleb Miller
Dariba (Tax)

John Doe
Wealth Manager

John is a highly experienced wealth manager with a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve financial success.

Jane Smith
Investment Advisor

Jane is a skilled investment advisor who specializes in creating customized wealth management strategies.

Michael Johnson
Financial Planner

Michael is a certified financial planner dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals.

Emily Davis
Tax Specialist

Emily is a tax specialist who helps entrepreneurs optimize their tax strategies and maximize savings.

Sarah Thompson
Estate Planner

Sarah specializes in estate planning, ensuring entrepreneurs have a solid plan for their assets.

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