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September 16, 2021
So informative!
I really enjoyed the presentation of the content. Super easy read and well put explanations. Every time I read more about the Infinite Banking Concept I get so excited! This book was food for my brain! Well done Caleb!
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Ricardo SanchezRicardo Sanchez
Ricardo SanchezRicardo Sanchez
September 2, 2021
Do yourself a big favor and read this book
You'll be hard pressed to find an easy to read and easy to understand book on this subject. This book not only reinforced what I've learned in finance but gave new insights for me and my future clients. I'm surprised how little is known about this, even in the world of financial advise.
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Max P.
Max P.
August 21, 2021
Excellent Beginners Book on IBC
One of the best beginners books I've read on IBC and explaining the power of leveraging a dividend paying, whole life policy as the foundation to a life long financial strategy.
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Grace TornkGrace Tornk
Grace TornkGrace Tornk
June 16, 2021
Amazing Life Changing Information..... Who knew???
I have been familiar with this concept for years however for the first ever.... ANYBODY CAN LEARN THIS SIMPLE STRATAGEY AND CREATE MASSIVE WEALTH. Caleb breaks in down into simple and compelling ideas that will forever change the way you see money and create wealth. It has always been a complicated secret of the wealthy and Caleb actually explains why it will work for anyone! His book is a total game changer. We think we know until we learn the information in this book!!! A MUST READ and A MAJOR EYE OPENER!
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June 10, 2021
CPA Stamp of Approval - MUST READ!
I THOUGHT I understood most of what there is to know about money until I read “The AND Asset.” It’s a short read but is jam packed with powerful money concepts. I truly believe this is the most efficient way to save money.
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May 23, 2021
The most efficient way to financial success.
This book is phenomenal! Caleb present this complex information in a clear, precise and easy to understand way. You can sense his true passion for helping the reader understand fresh financial opportunities that are not “mainstream” yet are used by the wealthy elite. It’s a must-have book for anyone who wants financial independence.
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Tanner Riley
Tanner Riley
May 22, 2021
Great book
Talks about all of the things you didn't know about Life Insurance. All the different benefits and how they can be used in real life
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May 11, 2021
Financial Efficiency at it's best!!
When you implement the concepts Caleb teaches in this book, it will literally change your financial future because it will teach you what Wall Street and Washington do not want you to know! How do I know, because I am a "recovering traditional financial advisor". I have been in this field for decades, we were taught to tell you that investing for "rate of return" and accumulation in qualified accounts (IRA, 401k, TSA, etc.) are the way to go because Uncle Sam gives you a tax break to invest your money there to have a secure retirement. In this plan, your money is only working in one place at a time, and you don't even have meaningful access to it until you are retiring.Contrast this with some of Caleb's recommendations about learning how to get your money working in more than one place at a time (compounding, control, retirement, & protection). All of this legitimately and legally. When you learn and understand the impact that "lost opportunity cost" has on your decision to spend money, you will begin to see the advantage to changing your thinking and strategies for your own benefit.When you understand that you "finance every purchase", in light of "lost opportunity cost", those of you who pay cash to avoid interest payments will see the means of avoiding one of the wealth transfers Caleb talks about too.You will do yourself and your family a huge favor to read, and more importantly, implement "The And Asset"!By
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May 5, 2021
Makes it All so Clear!
The most clear & concise explanation of this seemingly complex process I have found. His outline and clarity in only 100+ pages is outstanding. I will be teaching this concept to my kids and their families to help them maximize their lives thru efficient money management! Excellent job Caleb!
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When you say the And Asset is not an investment what do you mean???

Why we have a $10,000 initial contribution minimum on And Assets for adults? 

What is the difference between Convertible term vs Regular term insurance?

What is the limit to how much life insurance I can have?

What if my my health is bad? What if I am too old for an And Asset?

Who is best positioned for an And Asset?

If I don't have debt or a family, why do I want the And Asset?

This sounds too good to be true, why haven't I heard about this before?

What if I need all my money now or want to use it immediately?

How is life insurance taxed? What does LIFO mean?

How do I convert my term insurance into an And Asset?

How much can I contribute to an And Asset and what is the best way to pay for it?

How do I use the money that I contribute into my And Asset?

How does the Death Benefit work with an And Asset?

How does the And Asset work together with Real Estate?

How can I get a better health rating for my life insurance?

How do Modified Endowment Contracts (MEC) work?

How does the rate of return work with an And Asset?

What are the biggest downsides of an And Asset?

What about buy term and invest the difference?

What is your response to Dave Ramsey on permanent life insurance?

Can you use a bank as a third party lender?

Underwriting FAQ's

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Why are we submitting a policy design like this for underwriting?

How long does the underwriting process take?

I am a smoker/tobacco user: will this affect my health rating/offer?

For the medical exam, what are the urine and blood samples being tested for? 

What does the medical records request entail?

How can I get through underwriting quickly?