Save And Use Your Money
At The Same Time

What is The And Asset?

The And Asset™ is an overfunded whole life insurance policy. More specifically, it is a specially-designed dividend-paying contract with a mutually-owned life insurance company. The And Asset™ allows you to save money that grows tax-free for the rest of your life, gives you control of it, provides a death benefit and can provide future cashflow.

Give Your Dollars Multiple Jobs

To give you a quick overview of some of the most powerful benefits The And Asset can provide you, here is a glance at the five key benefits.

  • Lifetime Compound Growth

    Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying that compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.

  • Control And Use

    Have access to your money as you go throughout your life to use as you please.

  • Future Cashflow

    Using loans for future cashflow allows you to receive a tax-free income.

  • Ability to Save More

    We believe that if you have full control and access to your money, you should be able to save more.

  • Protection of Your Legacy

    Since it is life insurance, in addition to all of the living benefits you can leave a tax-free death benefit.

Our Proven Process

Gain Clarity

We get clear on what's most important to you and why you want to invest in the first place.

Risk & Fee Audit

We do an analysis of your risk tolerance and current fee structure. 

Get Results

We make recommendations based on your desired outcomes and risk analysis.

Our Philosophy

Let's suppose that you had a money machine that printed 60% of your income.

Unfortunately, the money machine has no additional parts or a specialist to fix it if it breaks.

If you could fully insure the machine for less than 2% of its monetary output, would you?


You are that money machine and income protection can help maintain your monetary output.

What We Do

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